The Brand

Minueto is a brand born after the founder´s soul search for individuality, and his passion for everything that makes this world beautiful and unique.
This idea, blended with a background in arts and fashion, translated into a concept full of colour and unconventional style.
Soon after, and in a natural way, all these translated into MINUETO.
Our collections offer nice pieces for girls who love to feel good with themselves and who want to set apart, still living in a mass society. We put attention into fabrics, patterns and details, offering pieces to enhance a girl´s own style, yet easy and sparky.
Nowadays we feel lucky to be able to count on a loyal customers base from all over the world, inspired by our original spirit.
A European brand passionate for fashion, MINUETO travels the world in order to put together special pieces to build each girl´s style.
This project became reality in 2011.
Ever since, the company has been growing thanks to the to MINUETO´s design department that has a team with a huge experience in fashion, that wants to surprise with each collection without missing the original essence of the brand.
Our manifest:
  • Be passionate about what you do-love what you do
  • Always be young at heart
  • Let the trends follow your style
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Accept yourself, and love you as you are
MINUETO is available in 500 multi-brand boutiques in 11 countries.
We are always looking for opportunities to spred MINUETO´s world, so if you wish to become our commercial partner, please do contact:
If you have a shop and are interested in distributing Minueto, please fill this in.
If you want to know your nearest shop please contact us here.

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